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Our Mission

Our mission is to be a complete pallet partner for companies desiring a local, regional or national pallet program.
By providing the best quality and service in our industry while maintaining environmental sustainability, we pledge to meet and exceed your expectations and requirements each and every day.
Pallet Management and Logistics Solutions

Customer Testimonials

“Pal-Serv delivers. Our business grew by 30% last year and PalServ stepped up to the plate. The partnership we've developed with them has definitely played an instrumental role in our current success.”

- Gary Brannon, Smart Warehousing
“It was one of the best decisions I made in bringing Pal-Serv onboard to service Performance Food Group! Pal-Serv really knows how to take care of the distribution centers that they service! They are my ‘easy button’!”

- Tom Butchko, Performance Food Service