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We are Pal-Serv. Our number one goal is to be your pallet partner by providing exceptional service. Why Choose Pal-Serv? With over 70 years of accumulated pallet management experience, Pal-Serv and its management team are uniquely qualified to help solve your pallet problems. From back dock sorting operations to pallet repair and return, Pal-Serv can provide services to our customers that cover a wide range of pallet recycling, remanufacturing and total pallet management programs. Learn more about Pal-Serv Logistics

Pallets of Dallas, TX and Little Rock, AR

Our Commitment To You

• Dependable Quality Products
• Consistent, Timely Delivery
• Custom Fit Pallet Programs

Services We Offer

• Repair, Remanufacture and New Pallets
• Pallet Recovery Systems
• Pallet Management and Logistics

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